About Me

Philosophy Susan Anda believes that home is much more than a place. It is a state of mind, a source of renewal, a center for who we are and who we will become. And no one knows what it means to “come home” more than she does.

For almost two decades as an expert in travel event planning, Susan has helped people feel at home among the exotic wonders of the world, from the busy centers of international capitals to the wilderness of Alaskan waterways. And at the center of every adventure has always been a sense of place, an understanding that who we are is greatly shaped by where we are. So, in 2013 when Susan followed her own dream to finally come home to her native Washington, becoming a Windermere Broker was a natural choice.

Susan’s innate connection to people and her excellent technical understanding of the complexities of the current real estate market add up to a perfect homecoming. It is true…work in something you truly love, and it will never seem like work.

Real Estate in the blood 

Susan grew up with the smell of sawdust and viewing homes in various forms of the construction process – her father built and remodeled custom homes. Susan’s first job was picking up rocks at a construction site at the age of 14. She loved witnessing the process of a home’s build from the ground up or seeing the transformation in a remodel. She was in awe (and still is) of how builders can look at plans and create something that can last for generations.

As a builder’s daughter, Susan was fortunate to design and have her father build her first home; a 3 bedroom, 2 bath custom beauty which she cherished for 10 years. When she was married, Susan found herself for the first time living in a home that someone other than her father built! Suffice to say, construction, design and real estate are in her blood.

Susan’s career began with sales and marketing in the hospitality industry. Adventures in passage have taken her from Westin Hotels to small ship cruising at Cruise West with a stop at Holland America Line’s advertising agency. Next, Susan spent two years with Cirque du Soleil coordinating housing and transportation on 5 continents and nearly 40 countries. It’s easy to realize, Susan knows hospitality and customer service.

For Fun Today, when Susan is not working to find perfect fits between sellers and buyers, you’ll find her generously helping aspiring travelers make their own dreams come true. Her infectious good humor and positive outlook are the first things her friends mention. And they always add, “If you’re lucky enough to share a meal with Susan, by all means, let her choose the wine.” Her extensive knowledge of good wine, a longtime hobby enhanced by professional expertise, is something she’s always happy to share.